Woolrich John Rich & Bros has always been synonymous with high quality production. Its founding principles are based on tradition, exploration and a continuous search for technical innovation and new materials. These characteristics permeate both the brand’s philosophy and its products.

They represent those individuals who, for the past 180 years, have made a distinctive symbol of the brand. Those who, generation after generation, created an image and a style that exists beyond the realm of fashion, whilst staying true to their diverse origins and personalities. From the rural to the urban, from work to leisure, from Europe to the United States and from Japan to Alaska; each item of clothing holds both the story of the brand and of the individual wearing it.

Inspired by diverse individuals across time and place, Woolrich John Rich & Bros created Agenda, a hub born to create an experience that brings together the history of the brand from 1830 to the present day, and to experiment with the future using photographic images of the present as a starting point.

Photography has, in fact, always been the central medium through which Woolrich has explored distant worlds and the everyday, focusing on details or stories worth passing on. This new journey begins in the Woolrich archive, which holds almost two hundred years of iconic patterns and vintage ads. It will take the shape of bi-monthly, thematic appointments, that will reveal the essence of the brand.

Iconic seasonal products will be explored, such as the Arctic Parka and signature cashmere blankets, that have been renovated over the years through the employment of new materials like Gore-Tex. They will be worn by some of Europe’s most creative cultural explorers: photographers, illustrators, artists and entrepreneurs. These individuals will let us into their studios and neighborhoods, into their worlds; they will offer inspirational cue’s and act as underground guide’s in the exploration of new territories.