The Jackson Hole Project


Woolrich hosted a group of six on a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming during the summer when the rivers run full and the mountain trails lead to scenic alpine views of the Grand Teton Mountains. Each morning and evening the temperatures were cool but the afternoons were majestically hot, casting bluebird sky days.

In the middle of Jackson Hole, nestled one block north of Town Square, is the newly renovated Anvil Hotel, where the group rested between their full days of hiking, biking, paragliding, and horseback riding. Images were shared and taken using the the golden hours of the natural light to capture the beauty and magic of Jackson Hole. Each person,  ranging from New York, Texas, Oregon, and Washington, developed a unique bond through their photography sharing their love of travel, nature and the outdoors.

These are the #WoolrichPeople sharing their stories with you.